making t-shirt quilts since 2008
making t-shirt quilts since 2008
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Making T-shirt Quilts

I started making t-shirt quilts in 2008 for an online company.  It was a very new novelty and only had a few online sites to choose from.  Today, it has gained in popularity and more t-shirt quilt sites are popping up.   I've visited a lot of them and came to the conclusion that they are all made the same with maybe 2 differences.  

1) different fabric backing (with fleece as the most popular)

2) long arm quilting throughout the entire blanket.  This justifies the cost of a quilt, it is a tedious process with a special machine which sews a (meandering) design to keep the front and back together.  I personally do not care for this technique.  The stitches could potentially speed up the deterioration  of the graphics after each wash.  It aslo makes the finished quilt a bit stiffer.

My Tee Quilt's way has a different approach.  It is double layered for extra thickness and finished with a twin needle topstitch between each seam.  This is an added durability as well as a decorative look.  Since we hope you use your quilt on all your travels, we chose jersey sweatshirt knit or flannel for the backing.  This does not attract as much lint, hair, etc...but don't take our word for it, you'll have to order one to see for yourself.

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