making t-shirt quilts since 2008
making t-shirt quilts since 2008
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Make My Tee Quilt FAQs

How do I start:  count the prints on your tees to help with size and design.  If you're not sure, call/text to discuss further 407-417-3509

How many tees are needed:  Detailed descriptions are listed for each size, simply click on a picture to view.  Oversized logos will reduce the number of tees needed and vice versa for smaller logos.  If you're still unsure, send what you have and we'll sort it for you.  If too many tees, you'll have the option of making a larger size or unused tees will be returned.

Does it have to be t-shirts:  include anything that is made of fabric.  If it can run through our industrial sewing machine, we can add it to your quilt.

I would like to design my own quilt:  We agree!  you can email us a picture of how you want your quilt to look like.  We'll do our best to follow your specific instructions, we'll let you know if there are any issues.

I am not artistic at all:  No worries, we'll arrange your tees and email a preview for you to approve.  We'll also recommend fabric and colors to use for the backside. 

Still not sure how to order:  Drop us a message on Contact Us page and tell us what you want.  We'll email a link of your order.  Click on the "Complete Your Purchase" button and it will direct you to checkout page.  Follow through until your order is complete and you receive an order confirmation.  After that, start prepping your tees for shipping.  You'll receive another email with instructions on how and where to ship your tees.

How long does it take to get my tee quilt:  We can have your quilt made and shipped within a week, this is for special requests so please note your delivery date on your order.  It takes us 1-2 days to make a quilt, the return time is based on how many orders we have on hand.  During peak seasons (Christmas and Graduation) it could take up to 3 months turnaround time.  

 Where is My Tee Quilt located: Our sewing shop is located in Central Florida. Although we are not open to the public, you can request to visit our shop to drop off your tees or pick up your T-shirt quilt.  See more of our work on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.