making t-shirt quilts since 2008
making t-shirt quilts since 2008
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Message from our customers

August 18, 2020
Hi Becky,  
I just received both of my tee quilts today. Thank you so much! They are BEAUTIFUL and exactly how I was picturing that they would be. You do beautiful work and I love them! I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family looking to do tee quilts. 
Thank you!

Our customer, Terri Vu, was featured in Birmingham Track Club Magazine for August 2017! Read her story and see how she turned her running t-shirts into a MyTeeQuilt.

Our customer Kelley Holland purchased her first MyTeeQuilt! She had a quilt made for her sister Denise in memory of their father, T-Burger.

"She LOVED IT!!! Thank you so much :)".

                                                               - Kelley Holland


Our customer Alexander Vu purchased a MyTee Pillow made of his favorite shirt for his son.

"Thank you for the MyTee Pillow! I love that my son has a part of me to snuggle with while I'm at work. He loves it!"

                                                                 -Alexander Vu



Our customer Shelly Gallegos purchased a MyTee Quilt made of her Hard Rock Cafe Shirts.

"I got my quilt! I LOVE IT!"

                                                                 -Shelly Gallegos


Our customer Briana Aeby purchased a MyTee Quilt Double Traveler.

"It's beautiful!!! Thank you so much!! Looking forward to sending you the next batch of tees when I compile enough. :)"

                                                                 -Briana Aeby


Our customer Joan Gardebled purchased a MyTee Quilt Lone Traveler.

"Love my tee shirt quilt. Love the positioning and it's soft and worth every penny if not more. Thank you!"

                                                                 -Joan Gardebled



Our customer Kristina purchased a Pet TshirtQuilt with her 20 Square Symmetrical MyTee Quilt.

"We love the quilts so much! Thank you! Jackson is so happy too :)"





Our customer Mimi Fowkes purchased a Full Bed MyTee Quilt.

"Hi Becky, Maddie loved her quilt and everyone I showed it to praised it as well. A big thank you :)"

                                                                 -Mimi Fowkes


Our customer Katherine Dease purchased a Single Lounger MyTee Quilt.

"MyTeeQuilt is here and I love it. Check out the personalized message on the bottom. I hope it gets cold again soon. #MyTeeQuilt"

                                                                 -Katherine Dease


                                                      "She Loves It? Lol"   - NColden




"Happy Quilt Owners!  Stephanie & Bruce love their quilts! Thanks!" _LBrandt



                    MTQ: "So who is getting the pet quilt?"

                    Phil: Me on rad trips!  Road trips even.