making t-shirt quilts since 2008
making t-shirt quilts since 2008
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Ship your tees

Often our customers have trouble deciding on the right size to order based on their collection of tees.  Simply ship what you have and we'll sort it out for you.  Here are some tips that could save on shipping costs.

* Gather your favorite t-shirts or any clothing item that you want included in your  t-shirt quilt

* Pick up free boxes at your local Post office.  Use flat rate if shipping from the midwest and west coast.  Use Large Mailing or Regional Rate box to ship from east coast.

* Shipping rates increase based on the size of the box so it is better to ship in 2-3 boxes rather than one big box.

*Do not add packing materials (peanuts, bubble wrap, paper)

*For extra security, place tees in plastic bag first.  Boxes may tear open during handling 

* fold or military roll your tees for best fit inside boxes

* take to post office and pay for shipping or print labels online at  You can schedule pick up and have mailman pick up during regular mail service if you purchase/print your label online.  

Ship To:       Tshirt Quilt Cafe

                    1333 Don Carlos Trail

                    Deltona, Florida  32725

We will notify you when your tees arrive at our sewing shop.  Once tees are sorted, we will email you a preview of your quilt.  After reviewing your arrangement,  you can make changes or give us the thumbs up to create your quilt.  We are excited to be part of your memory making project!!  You’ll love your tshirt quilt!!

 Feel free to check in any time.  We’ll notify you again when we're ready to ship.

Looking forward to preserving your memories, one t-shirt at a time!